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Clubbell Workout

Coach Scott Sonnon

Clubbells®, Exercise and Training DVD's,
Workout Tips, and More!

Buy clubbells®, find clubbell® exercise tips, training DVD's, videos, get instructor certification training, and more!
Coach Scott Sonnon's patented Clubbells® are the ultimate Circular Strength Training® tools for melting fat off your body and building strong, lean muscle.

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Clubbells Clubbells® - Save big with discount prices on single, pair, and bundle packages of coach Scott Sonnon's patented clubbell® - the original health club! Build lean muscle and melt fat off your bones. Orders to continental USA and Canada only.
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Clubbell® Starter Bundles

Clubbell Starter Bundles 15lb Clubbell Bundle -
Save $30.00! Get started in style with all the essentials for serious Clubbell training! Save big on clubbell/book/DVD combo bundles, available for both single and pairs of clubbells in a variety of weight increments.
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Clubbell® DVD's

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training *PLUS 4X7! (DVD) The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training *PLUS 4X7! (DVD) - Order this special bundle offer and save $40! Includes both "The Encyclopedia of Clubbell Training" 5-DVDs, and "4X7: The Magic in the Mundane" 4-DVDs at one low price!
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Clubbell® Training

Clubbell® Training For Circular Strength DVD Clubbell® Training For Circular Strength DVD - Learn over 40 Circular Strength Training® Exercises and combination routines, and safety guidelines from the master, Coach Sonnon.
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Ultimate Grappling Shoes Ultimate Grappling Shoes - Lifting gloves for your FEET! UGS provide a soft layer of protection against mat burn and sprained toes in grappling, and increase maximal lifting strength!
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Clubbell® Exercise Books

The Big Book of Clubbell Training The Big Book of Clubbell Training - Learn the 7 key components of clubbell® training, the 14 basic positions, safety guidelines and basic mechanics, and more!
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Clubbells Starter Bundles w/DVD!
Clubbells Starter Bundle with DVD!
Get a clubbell, training book, and training DVDs all at one low price. Save $30!

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